Como llegar a Barahona

If you exit from the capital , Santo Domingo, take Highway November 6 and liaison with the Sanchez highway heading south . Once you get to take Highway 44 Azua Barahona direction , go through Vicente Noble , Canoeing, Palo Alto and Cabral. You reach Barahona .

From there you can follow the direction Paradise , Enriquillo , Oviedo, Pedernales route. In a journey that will confirm that paradise is on earth.

The main roads are two-lane and buses or buses cover all the routes. They can be addressed directly to the road but it is best to go to terminals companies. For this area works the Union of Transport Barahona-Santo Domingo, SINCHOMIBA. If you want an express depart from the capital every hour scon an intermediate stop and every 15 minutes a shuttle with stops in villages. For more information please call 809 524 2499.

In addition Caribe Tours, a company express intercity transport vehicles in good conditions that make the direct route. Your phone: 524-2313. And in the area of ​​Enriquillo, SITRAHAPE with intercity utobuses to Santo Domingo and vice versa for Barahona.


The taxi companies in the area are safe, they are labeled by various state agencies and drivers are gathered in unions. The price is not very high and the various excursions can be negotiated. The friendly character of the Dominican makes a taxi ride, very nice.

Sintrataxi: Calle Uruguay #11, Barahona, Tel. 524-3003/4003/4004.